Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday Special (12) Some Help Spot The Similarities

Idea taken from Pop Culture Junkie

I've been so mad this weekend because Blogspot hates my computer. I don't know why but I couldn't log onto my account and even when I did sometimes, it just froze at the dashboard. Every blogspot pages failed to open so I couldn't visit your blogs either T___T. In case this continues, let me apologize in advance for the delayed posts as well as late replies. If anyone has experienced this before or may have any clues to solve this problem, please tell me.

Anyway back to the main topic today. More lookalike covers! Some were spotted by my fellow bloggers and some with help from the authors. So say you like them!

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Words To Live By by C.S Lewis.
Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.

They look so alike right? From afar I thought the pictures were the same but at close up they turned out quite different. I have a feeling that the novel cover was paid more attention to, not just the picture but how the words were arranged too. My pick would definitely be Twilight although I really like the lively pair of arms in the other cover.

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Sweethearts by Sara Zarr.
Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan.

Look at the hearts, aren’t they cute? In Sweethearts it’s a pie (I think) and in the other those are vitamin pills, yet I still believe they’re relative covers. Both hold an aura of sadness/nostalgia/gloominess to me but I prefer Sweehearts. The eaten part makes it look softer and fun, while Boy Meets Boy is quite empty. The title is hard to spot and it’s a bit annoying.

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Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen.
The Earth, My Butt & Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler.

You know what I love about these two? Not only do they resemble each other but they also look as if they’re front and back covers of one book. The first was shot from the front while the second from behind. The titles were both settled on the jeans but Carolyn Mackler book is cooler in my opinion because the letters blend well with the pockets thus seem to become a part of the jeans, naturally.

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Cheated by Patrick Jones.
Right Behind You by Gail Giles.

This one is suggested by Patrick Jones himself. When I first saw these I saw no similarities at all but then my eyes spotted the lighters and I was like “Oh”. I really like the idea of these covers, they will catch the readers’a attention at once for sure. My favorite is Cheated, the glowing title as the fire is simply so beautiful.

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Slept Away by Julie Kraut.
The Secret Language Of Girls by Frances O’Roark Dowell.
Lost It by Kristen Tracy.

Feet again. Feet again. Those were spotted by lovely Steph Su : ) (thanks buddy). They don’t look exactly the same but the concept is similar. Bare feet and grass. I love these because it cools me during hot days here. And they look so summery too. What’s your favourite? I go for all!

Tell me what you think and keep an eye on lookalike covers okay. Please pray for me so I can access blogspot soon! : )

p.s Thanks to my friend Kaylie who posted this up for me<3


Steph Su said...

Wow, the first pair, the first pair! I've never seen such a close match to the Twilight cover before, EVER.

Amee said...

This is a lot like Alea's lookalikes feature. You could at least credit her since you're doing her feature.

Bookworm said...

Great picks! I agree with Steph, which one was published first? That's so odd, it's like putting the Harry Potter cover on a different book!

prophecygirl said...

I saw the C. S. Lewis one at work one day, and thought it was the same pair of hands at first! I love your lookalike posts :)

Liyana said...

Heyy, you got a lil something over at my blog.

Lenore said...

I used to take pictures of my feet everywhere I went. I have quite a collection now!

Reader Rabbit said...

These do look alike. Good job with the spotting :)