Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sunday Special (23) We Look Cooler & Cooler Every time

This Wednesday I just dropped by one of my favorite bookstores and look what I found, a bunch of YA books translated into Vietnamese :)

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If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern.
Thanks For The Memories by Cecelia Ahern.

Since her first book P.S I love you was published here, Cecelia has been one of the most popular authors here. Those have just come out recently and received quite a lot of love too. The cover for Thanks For The Memories looks really cute, I love how it feels soft and nostalgic. The other looks good too but I'm more a fan of the original one.

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It Happened To Nancy by Anonymous.

I'm still waiting to get an English version of this book. It's simply great because it was based on a true story. I want to see how Nancy struggles to live in such extreme conditions. The cover looks okay but you shouldn't see the book in real life, I hate the paper they used for printing >_<
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Sisterhood Of Travelling Pants (Book 3) by Ann Brashares.

Another book of Sisterhood has just found its way on to the shelves too. The series is LOVE, I like the tone of the translator, really hilarious. And look at the design of the cover, you can actually see a bit of the travelling pants ^^

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Cross by James Patterson.

One of the James Patterson books we got here. Although I still haven't seen my favorite Book Pop Goes The Weasel yet I'm still really happy to see the publishers paying attention to fans of mystery. The cover, in my opinion, looks just as good as the US one.

So what do you think? Any covers you like?
I also saw Vietnamese editions of Speak and Kiss Me Kill Me, come back next week and a have a look. I'm still searching for HQ pictures of them now.

Have a great Sunday, buddies<3


B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

I'm excited to see the pictures of Speak and Kiss Me, Kill Me! I like the Sisterhood cover, but I like the US cover more.


Diana Dang said...

Not bad covers :)

Lenore said...

Cecilia Ahern isn't listed as YA in the US. Is she in Vietnam?