Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday Special (3) The Travelling Pants Brings Us Luck

Showing Ann Brashares some Viet love today : D

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What do you guys think of the covers? I think they look super nice, at least more colorful than the original ones. It's a little bit weird how they translated the title, like Lucky Jeans instead of Travelling Pants >_< Those were published by Author Club - the hugest novel publishers here. So far they've received good response from the readers, partly thanks to the movie. I bought the first book for myself last summer and another one for my friend's birthday (she's so much like a tomboy and my Mum thought the book might bring out the girl in her).


Bookworm said...

They're OK...a bit busy for me.

Keri Mikulski said...

I like the one with the pic sticking out of the back pocket. :)

The Story Siren said...

the one looks like the cover for the dvd!