Thursday, 12 February 2009

Waiting On Wednesday (4)

Idea taken from Breaking The Spine

Bone Song by Sherryl Clark.

Part of the "Cutting Edge" series, "Bone Song" is a gritty, honest and hard-hitting quick read for teens and young adults who find conventional fiction irrelevant to them or too hard to read. Rebellious Dobie despises her wealthy background and has just lost the chance to be a professional dancer. Then there's Melissa - smart and sensible, always doing her best to compensate for a life on the run with her alcoholic mother. They couldn't be more different yet in between the anger and disappointment there's common ground. Once, they both had dreams - what went wrong? Thrown together in detention they forge an unlikely friendship that gives both of them the strength not to give up on their dreams."Bone Song" is a moving story about the magic of friendship, and the power that love and hate can wield inside every family. The fast-moving, character-focused narrative delves right to the heart of a tougher side of life. Packed with drama and emotion from one page to the next, readers will be truly compelled by this gripping and satisfying story. Carefully chosen fonts, simple layout and controlled vocabulary help carry readers from beginning to end without any hint of chore-factor creeping in.

I started to have a thing for books with black and white cover, they look so haunting and impressive just like the stories they hold inside. Another non-romance one I think I will enjoy. How strong, wild girls deal with tough lives sounds great. Besides, this is only the beginning of a series, so I guess more good things will come later.

Keep an eye out for this book. I don't know where it'll be released : (


debbie said...

hí hí i'm the first to cm ... i'm scare of the cover ... it looks mysterious

Sherryl said...

Hi, I'm the author. I think it is finally out now (August 09). They tell me my copies are on their way to me.
And the Ransom website has a different cover! I'm waiting for the actual book to arrive so I can see for myself. Contact Ransom for a review copy - I'm sure they'd send you one.