Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday Special (29) Fanart covers for Sarah Dessen books

If you're a member of Sarah Land, you know that since June we've have one or more challenges with coolest prizes ever. This month it is all about creating an advertisements for one of the books. Participators can either take a photo, create a video or make a widget and the likes since there's no limitation of how far your creativity can go. It's so fun that I cannot stay on the side. I wasn't really creative or talented enough so I chose to make some fanart covers. I'm gonna share them with you guys today : )

Just Listen (hardcover edition)

Along For The Ride (Paperback edition)

The Truth About Forever (Paperback edition)

This Lullaby (Paperback edition)

What do you think? They're not that great but I love making these because it's entertaining. I found out a lot more about the books, especially the quotes that are beyond beauty. My favorite of this batch is This Lullaby. The picture was taken by my friend's cousin and it happened to fit the story exactly. And don't you just love the lyrics? I kinda hope I win this month because the luckiest one will get a complete set of Sarah Dessen books in hardcovers. If not, it's okay too. I gained a lot and lost nothing already.

By the way, if you want to partake in this challenge, there are still two more days to submit your entries. So hurry up!


ReggieWrites said...

OH. MY. GOD. WOW doesn't even begin to cover it! These covers are AMAZING! The publisher should definitely consider giving you a position :-)

Reggie :-)

Cate said...

I'm with Reggie on this one. Those covers are gorgeous- I especially love Just Listen. Ahhhmazing.

Yan said...

I really like the "Truth About Forever" one but not so sure about the rest. The font style of "This Lullaby" rocks though!

Steph Su said...

Wow, I love all of them! I wish I had the patience to do these things... as well as the software... (grrr!). But I love the photos that you used, as well as the layout of the words. You're so talented! <3

Diana Dang said...

Those covers are amazing! I can't do graphic design at all!

~The Book Pixie said...

Those are so awesome! You did a really great job! :D


valerie said...


I LOVE your Just Listen cover!It's gorgeous!

I would definitely pick this one up if I were in a bookstore!!

Catt said...

W-O-W, those are amazing! Seriously, if you don't win, I'll buy you a pack of HB Sarah Dessen books myself!

C.K. said...

You gotta be kidding when you say they're not that great - they look absolutely tremendous!