Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Waiting on wednesday ( 26 )

Idea taken from Breaking The Spine

Never Bite A Boy On The First Date by Tamara Summers.

I've got a few issues:

I'm a vampire now.
One of my classmates was found dead, with telltale fang marks.
I didn't do it! (really!)
Nobody believes me, so . . .
I'm going to have to find the real killer. I've already got three suspects. (three very cute suspects.)
One more problem: I am seriously falling for one of them . . . but what if he's the killer?

I’d love to have a bite of this book because:
1. The cover is freaking awesome. It looks mysterious but not not too dark for my taste. I never found the fangs this cool
2. The vampire is a girl and she’s involved in some investigation, which, I think, orginal. Or at least, different from other vampire stories I’ve encountered.
3. Tamara Summers books always sound cute. I want to try one ^^

See if you could resist biting a hot boy on first date this Sept 19th 2009


ReggieWrites said...

OHHH!!! Is it released yet...I haven't checked...SOUNDS AMAZING!

Taschima Cullen said...

Hahahaha it sounds like a very fun light read. ^^

TruBlu93 said...

I've Got Something for you at the blog!!!