Friday, 30 October 2009

And the winner is...

2 weeks of Donut Days contest has ended and I picked the winner without delay ^^ We have 167 entries totally and some of you guys have like...up to 14+ entries (huge chance of winning, I know). Unfortunately, there will be only one winner. According to random. org the owner of this copy of DD is

*takes deep breath*

pirate penguin

Congratulations penguin ^^ please send an email to something_maybeATliveDOTcom so Lara and I will have this book sent to you as soon as possible.

For those who have entered the contest, thanks so much. Please check back every Friday cos we'll have more contests coming soon!!!

1 comment:

pirate penguin said...

Oh thank you! I'm so happy right now you have no ideaaaa :D

I'll email you right away ^^