Monday, 26 January 2009

The Bookshelf Meme

I was tagged by Korianne. This sounds fun so I have to give it a try : D

1. Tag 3-5 people, so the fun keeps going!
2. Leave a comment at the original post at A Striped Armchair, so that Eva can collect everyone’s answers.
3. If you leave a comment and link back to Eva as the meme’s creator, she will enter you in a book giveaway contest! She has a whole shelf devoted to giveaway books that you’ll be able to choose from, or a bookmooch point if you prefer.
4. Remember that this is all about enjoying books as physical objects, so feel free to describe the exact book you’re talking about, down to that warping from being dropped in the bath water…

The book that’s been on your shelves the longest

It takes me forever to answer this one. My memories are so bad right now so even though I think it's A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, I'm not really sure. Apart from Charles Dickens books, it's the only classic I loved and read over and over again. I bought A Little Princess because it seemed nice. Back then I didn't judge a book by its cover, but its title.

A book that reminds you of something specific in your life

I got this one for myself right after I had been accepted into university. It was bliss to read again. University Entrance Exam was super duper tough and it stressed me so much that I couldn't even do anything except waiting half a month for the results. This book was like a self-present. Everytime I looked at it I was proud and happy. Like nothing could stop  me if I try with all my heart. You may like this one if you love touching stories.

A book you acquired in some interesting way

It was actually not really interesting, but I had fun. I won this book over Books Boys Buzz. The rule was to leave comments wishing everyone a happy new year (since Perfect Chemistry's release was in the last week of Dec) and you could enter as many times as you liked. I wanted this book so bad that I came back everyday leaving replies in several languages. Seriously, if you've seen the msg board, you'll say I'm a extreme spammer =.= It got like 60+ comments under my name. Marley said I got picked randomly but somehow I thought she was scared I would flood the blog with my comments. (Just joking.)

The most recent addition to your shelves

One of the four I got recently. As I said it was from a soul sister and I couldn't wait to read it. Well, more like I want to read, but I want to save the book for later because my instinct tells me it'll be a good read.

A book that’s been with you to the most places

It's a shame I never finish this one. I bring it along every vacation I take, but until now I'm only halfway : ( I wish it was as cool as other James Pattison books though.

A bonus book that you want to talk about but doesn’t fit into the other questions

I read this book in Vietnamese because they don't have an English version for it. Marc Levy had been real popular for a long time but not until later did I find out about him. This one was best of the best. The only book that made me sleepless for two nights. It started in a strange way and ended with so much nostalgic feelings. If you could read in French, you should get this. I strongly recommended Ou Es Tu? (Will You Be There?)

Okay so here I tagged:

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debbie said...

i've read this story already in Hue :( it made me sad ... i dont like the ending hehe . Anyway , it's great :)) . Hey bơ , come to my house and go to bud .. i really miss some food in bud :(

Deniz Bevan said...

I've tagged myself!