Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunday Special (1) Old & New

irst off, thanks everyone for your support!!! It's such a honor for me to be welcomed with such warmth from other book bloggers. I really appreciate your commenting on my posts, following me and adding me to the blogroll, especially Joycelyn who mentioned my site in her New Blogger Alerts post. I love you all<333>

Anyway this is officially my first week of Sunday Special. Every weekend I'll post something I find interesting to share. It could be Lookalike covers, English written books that haven been translated and published in Vietnam, or just a random book-related story from my country, anything I feel worth paying attention to.

So...this time it will be the cover collection of Sarah Dessen books, both first and reissue versions.

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That Summer

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Someone Like You

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Keeping The Moon

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Lock And Key

Which of the two covers of each book is your favorite? I pick all the reissue editions except for Dreamland. The girl picture seemed to have a stronger impression on me than the peir (is it a pier?).  I also like the first edition of Someone Like You, yet nowhere can it beat the second.

Bonus: UK versions!!!

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Pretty hey? There's also This Lullaby, but I couldn't find a decent-sized picture T.T it's really beautiful.


Adele said...

I have to say that I love the UK versions the best. I think they are more visually striking and what we get here Down Under. Curiously Keeping the Moon is called Last Chance here.

debbie said...

i wanna have all of these books in ur blog :( why dont u buy them for me on Tet =))

Korianne said...

I love the reissues too. However the original cover from Keeping the Moon is still better to me. It's probably because this was the first Dessen I read and I read that cover. Also, I like the pier (that's the correct spelling I believe) version of Dreamland better, I just think the girls face looks kinda cheep paperback style. The new paperback of Lock & Key is gorgeous don't you think? Oh and the UK books are fun, but I think I like the US versions better. I am a sucker for photography. BTW, what does T.T mean? I have seen you say it alot and I have no clue. Sorry! Glad to see your blog up and running!

Thao said...

Adele - I agree. They look so gorgeous and like a series with the same back background and colorful designs. I wonder why they changed the title of Keeping The Moon to Last Chance. When I first saw it I was like "a new book?"

Debbie - How about you buy me all of Elizabeth Scott books first? : P

Korianne - I love the cover of Lock and Key paperback too. I wish I could buy it but unfortunately my cousin just got me the first edition. Oh and T.T is a crying face. Sorry for confusing you haha. Let's try hard to build up our blog!

Hillary said...

I really like the second Lock and Key cover (but unfortunately I have the hardcover. Didn't they all recently get new covers again? I know the new Someone Like You cover has flip flops on it (which are UGLY).

I have all the reissues you posted. I'm not really a fan of the drawings on covers.

Bookworm said...

Cool feature, Thao! The UK covers are really cool. My personal favorite has got to be the Lock and Key hardcover or the Keeping the Moon that's on the left of the American one. (:

Diana Dang said...

Thinking about YA fiction being translated in Viet seems awkward to me. Haha, but then I am Canadian born. :P Keeping the Moon is the first (and last) novel I have read by Sarah Dessen and I have to say I was greatly disappointed.

I envy you, you speak English (or write) fluently. I can barely read or let alone write in Viet. But I speak more fluently than the rest of my Viet friends. Lol. =) I look forward to your posts!

TruBlu93 said...

The UK versions are very pretty. I love how they're designed. And I'll have to agree with you, the reissues are better than the original.

Lenore said...

Ooh - the UK covers are awesome! I also adore the reissue cover of someone like you.

prophecygirl said...

I love the TAF & JL covers we have over here in the UK - they're lovely. I just wish they were hardcover!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

The second ones are better, but the UK ones are my favorite. I often like their versions better. Not all the time though, like in the case of Harry Potter!!


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