Saturday, 27 March 2010

Princess For Hire by Lindsey Levitt

Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Pub.Date: March 16th 2010
Age Range: Young Adult
Pages: 240
Format: ARC
Source Of Copy: from publisher - Disney Hyperion

When a well-dressed woman steps out of a bubble and wants to know if you'd like to become a substitute princess, do you

A) run
B) faint
C) say yes?

For Desi Bascomb, who's been longing for some glamour in her Idaho life, the choice is a definite C). Desi has a rare ability: with the help of "Royal Rouge," she can temporarily transform into the exact look-alike of any princess who needs her subbing services. Dream come true, right?
Well, Desi soon discovers that subbing involves a lot more than wearing a tiara and waving at cameras.... In this winning debut, one girl's dream of glamour transforms into the desire to make a positive impact. And an impact Desi makes, one royal fiasco at a time.

Need a light cute read to entertain yourself in a few hours? Want to read something with a different view on princesses? Then Princess For Hire is definitely your book.

To be frank I didn't like this book at first. It was pretty boring because the pattern about a shy imperfect girl struggling with her life is old to me. But as the story went on, it grabbed my undivided attention. The set up is new and fun, and the character development is simply adorable. For those of you who think stories about princesses are all typical and unexciting, this may change your mind a little bit.

Princess For Hires's plot is pretty fun, which you can imagine as a screen production easily. Lots of descriptions accompanied by lots of events keep you entertained most of the time. I really enjoy every time Desi subs for a princess. Each princess has a different location and background as well as a problem so the book never feels repeatedly at all.

Desi is a cute girl. Her character is not that impressive but she has something that makes you like immediately. I love the way she learns to be strong and confident through each case of princess subbing. She's very pessimistic and meek at first but turns out to be totally cool at the end. Also, she's very relatable which will make readers remember her even more. Another character I adore is Meredith. She may appear as someone un-special initially but her side story is worth reading.

Overall, this is very suitable for a quick but interesting read. You should pick it up.

Rating: 3.5/5


Stacy said...

I have been looking forward to this book, and forgot it was just released. So glad you posted a review. Just got a coupon in the mail and think I will have to go out and get it!!

BTW, I LOVE your photo with the stacks of books - ADORABLE!

debbie said...

I love stories about princesses. I will read this one. Love the cover ^.^

Melange said...

Great review!! I just spotlighted you on my blog. Please feel free to stop by and take a look, there's a present on my blog for you.

Diana Dang said...

Thanks for the review, I look forward to this one!