Monday, 22 June 2009

Sunday Special (21) Aus vs. US part 2

The battle continues...

Round 5&6:

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Frenemies by Alexa Young.

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Fakestatic by Alexa Young.

Much as I love the elegance of the models in the US covers, I have to say I love the Aus ones way more. They look fun, energetic and kind of mean. The designs look fantastic too. They make me want to read the books right NOW.

Way to go, Aus covers~!

Round 7:

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Paper Towns by John Green.

The Aus edition has a really great impression on me. I like how it's dark, strong and vague (couldn't make out all the parts of the photo). However, the US cover wins more love from me because of its brightness and gentleness. Also, I love the girl's facial expression, it draws my attention.

US cover!

Round 8:

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The Last Summer by Ann Brashares.

Well what can I say? They both look nostalgic, summery, peaceful. Both are turning their backs to us and looking out to the ocean. Not much difference actually. I cannot tell which one I prefer.

So we have a tie.

Round 9:

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Love The One You're With by Emily Griffin.

This is super duper hard to pick one. Each of the covers is cute in its way and I love how both designers picked green as the main colour. So nice!

Another tie.

Which cover do you prefer of the two? Tell me your judgment<3


Summer said...

For me the Australian covers win except for Paper towns. I like the darker cover more than the sunny happy cover. Two covers for one book is craziness. I enjoyed choosing in the store. Maybe they should do that more often.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you for most of the books, but for me "Love the one you're with" isn't a tie: I really like the US better! I love its simplicity.
Good picks though! I love to compare covers! :D

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

For the Alexa Young series, I like the AUS covers more. I seem to like closeups more than further away pictures for some reason.

I feel like if I read Paper Towns, I would be able to choose between the two covers. I like them both, but they're two totally different moods.

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

Oops! I pressent post comment by accident lol. I like the AUS version of The Last Summer, like I said before, I like closeups. I probably sound like a perv since it's a closeup of the girls almost naked body, but I think it feels more personal.

Love the one you're with, well I love photography. So I pick the first one!

Bookworm said...

For the Frenemies books, I definitely love the AUS covers better. They're so much cooler! The AUS Paper Towns cover is just....creepy. Ick. *Shivers* So I'll have to go US for Rounds 7 AND 8. And as for the last, I really love both covers! But I love the cute cartoonish US cover, so I'm voting for that one!

Awesome feature, this was so fun! I love seeing all these different, cool covers!

Steph Su said...

For Alexa's books, I'm intrigued. The Aussie ones look edgier, whereas I thought the series was more for middle schoolers. So I'm gonna have to go with US.

Paper Towns: have you seen the "sad Margo" US version?

Last Summer: Aussie all the way! I love the title treatment and the way the cover image is slightly blurred. Plus, the colors are fantastic. I didn't like the book that much but that cover would make an unsuspecting me want to read it.

Emily Giffin: Agree with you about the green thing. But I'd go with US, if only because I like how all the US Giffin book covers match one another. :)