Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday Special (19) Aus vs. US

Once again, Serene Hours presents the cover battle. Lately I've been browsing a few Australian publishing sites and came across with a lot of new versions of US books. Some look fabulous, some looks so so and the others, won't attract much attention. Want to take a glance of them?
Here you go~

Round 1

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Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta.

Aus version: photograph, nice, unusual, good job of describing the main characters.
US version: cartoon ( or whatever you call it), cute, summarizes the book perfectly (love the uniforms)

US version won!

Round 2

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3 Willows by Ann Brashares

Aus version: summery, sisterhood-ish, fun, portrays the female leads plus the image of the story.
US version: simple, goes perfectly well with the title.

Simply the best - US.

Round 3

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Before I Die by Jenny Downham

Aus version: light, gentle, making you feel like you're enjoying your very last beautiful day of your life.
US version: depressing, gloomy, giving us a quick look of the soon-to-die girl.

Aus version owns.

Round 4

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The Summoning by Kelley Amstrong

Aus version: dark, dry, looks like historical fiction.
US version: gorgeous, dangerous, something teens will pick up immediatly.

One more vote for US.

So what do you guys think? Agree with the results? Disagree? Let me hear your voices.
More to come next week so stay tuned : D


Steph Su said...

I agree with you on everything except Saving Francesca. (And maybe 3 Willows. Those colors on the Aussie page are nice!) I'm a fan of the US hardcover version for SF, although a lot of people say they don't really like it.

a flight of minds said...

I don't really like either of the Saving Francesca covers, but I'd probably go with the US cover too. But I actually really like the US cover for Before I Die. I find the Aus version kind of boring. But then again, I always prefer people over flowers in art.

- Alex

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

Saving Francesca; I totally agree with you! I don't normally like the cartoon type covers but I'm just not too fond of the color choices and the tiled photos for the AUS version.

3 Willows; I think I would have to go with the AUS cover. I would buy that cover before I would buy the US version.

Before I Die; The AUS cover for sure. It's so pretty and gentle.

The Summoning; I definitely agree with you on this one. I really don't like the AUS cover. It's kind of boring. The US cover is cute/dangerous/sexy.

Lenore said...

The US version of The Summoning is infinitely better!