Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sunday Special (10) I Went To Buy Some Textbooks...

...and these are what I found, a bunch of translated Young Adult books!

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Story Of A Girl & Sweethearts by Sarah Zarr.

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Faking 19, Art Geek and Prom Queen & Kiss and Blog by Alison Noel.

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The Clique by Lisi Harrison.

Well you can tell how happy I was right? It was so great to see that a lot of publishers here are more concerned about books for teens now. We hardly had anything to read back in a few years except those Chicken Soup For Soul books, so this is really something. On the other hand, I'm not really satisfied because it felt like they didn't pay much attention to how the books look. I totally do NOT like the covers (except the last one, of course), also the type of paper they used for printing. I'm still pondering whether to buy them or not, I want to read the original versions to get the best feelings of the books, but it's hard to ignore these : (

Well, whatcha think of them?


Steph Su said...

Aww, nice find, Thao! Actually, the Alyson Noel covers are pretty cool, in my opinion. Are those Vietnamese models?

Justina Chen Headley said...

AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing those book covers!!

Diana Dang said...

Hello, I just remembered that you are from Vietnam. And as a book addict, I'm sure you may have ran into this book once? Or possibly even own it?

You see, the cover piece is stolen but since the photographer is Chinese, she doesn't know how to get in reach with the company. Check out her journal:

It would be great if you helped her out, even if you don't know her. =) I said I would help her, ashamed that our people would do such, but I live in Canada and I'm not so fluent with Vietnamese. You on the other hand, lives in Vietnam and is fluent in English. Not to mention know what comes on and off the shelf. I appreciate the time you put out to look this up and possibly contact the photographer if you find anything to help her with.

Lenore said...

I think the cover for Sweethearts isn't too bad. Always fun to see the covers of books in different countries - thanks!