Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday Special (11) How Do You Bookmark?

Book lovers usually cannot put down a good book. After they pick it up, they'll lose themselves in it, they keep reading, turning the pages until the read the very back cover. But sometimes, against their will, they have to stop to do stuff (e.g going to the bathroom) and that's when they read something really important. Yeah you know what it is. A bookmark!

Different people have different ways of bookmarking. Back in the old days in my country there were no bookmarks, so the best way to pick up the book at exactly where you left off was to fold the tab of page, or just leave it open and put something heavy beneath. Later we got the little ribbons attached the binds of some hardcovers, so the act of bookmarking was way easier. Some teenagers hated it, though, and they used business cards instead. I remember one of my girls going to a lot gift shops so she would have a bunch of cards to bookmark each book. 

Now we do have bookmarks, various kinds for all ages. For kids they are the ruler bookmarks. They're super duper cute. They're soft, colorful and have many shapes - the animals, the stationaries, the cartoon characters. They even have color your self ones, those that allow the kids to personalize their bookmarks by coloring the pictures as they wish.

For teenagers the most popular are quote bookmarks. They're made of many material: paper, plastic, steel and the quotes vary too. I got this silver bookmark from a really close which is really nice. It says "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you've always imagined,". Also the trend of making bookmarks developed these days so we all have a few handmade ones. It was fun making these and comparing with others'!

So what about adult? As I know, they don't really care much about bookmarks and stuff, but some does use these. They like the squiggle ones because they look cool and elegant, and even though it's not available here yet,  they love the wood bookmarks as well. I think these are from Japanese. Pretty cool hey?

Well, I know you all are wondering what I'm babbling about in this post. Honestly, I just want to emphasize the importance of bookmarks because they play such a great role in reading. They make the books look cooler, and of course, they're useful too. I bet we all love them. So if you have a free minute, care to leave a comment and tell me how your habit of bookmarking change throughout the years and your favorite kind of bookmarks?


Diana Dang said...

I have a whole collection of bookmarks! I started collecting them when I was in elementary school. Now that I have so many, I just try to insert them in the middle of my mangas.

I love any bookmarks but generally the expensive kind or ones with really cute pictures.

Anonymous said...

I don't use bookmarks. Instead, I use post-it notes. I like them because they are thin, and I can stick them to the last line I read.

Steph Su said...

Interesting post, Thao! I myself don't use bookmarks because I'm far too lazy to keep track of them all. I just flip through the book until I relocate where I left off, hehe.

But man, I remember the lovely soft Asian rulers. I loved those things. Used to have a whole bunch, but then lost them. Sigh.

And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Eeeeee fun!!

Bookgeek said...

Great post. I have a huge collection of book marks because I tend to leave them in books and am always looking for one.

Just Blinded Book Reviews said...

Most of the time I do what Steph does, but I'll occasionally stuff a bookmark in there. I only use the thin paper ones, not the fabric kind because I hate bending the pages.

Brooke Reviews said...

Ah, I have a favorite bookmark. It's actually a trading card for dinosaurs lol. It has the facts for the dinosaur on the back.



Sadako said...

Great question...I don't have any formal bookmarks. I often use the receipts from library books. Or I just fold the page back. Or use whatever scraps of paper I find. I should really get a "proper" bookmark.

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