Friday, 6 November 2009

Friday Flavor (3) Five Reasons To Love The Treasure Map Of Boys

Last time Lara Zielin shared her love for the book she's always loved. This week, it's Susane Colasanti's turn to spill about the novel she adores. Guess what it is?

Well, you don't have to wait long. Let's hear (or more precisely, read) what Susane has to say:

Book title: The Treasure Map of Boys

Author: E. Lockhart

When did you finish it? August 23, 2009

Why do you love it so much?

E. Lockhart is one of my favorite authors. I adore her writing style. The way she can evoke such strong emotions with just a few well-selected words has always impressed me. Since there are so many reasons to worship this book, I have compiled a list of some of mine.

Top Five Things I Love About The Treasure Map of Boys

1. Fun word choices like “pony-tailing around” and “snarfled.” Oh, and “ag” of course.

2. It kept me entertained for over an hour in airport security lines.

3. The whole Fresh Fiasco on page 25.

4. Boy problems, girl drama, mental health issues, and friendly zoo animals.

5. Like Sara in When It Happens, Ruby is looking for something real.

You don't believe that Susane loves this book that much? I have more convincing proof.

Look at how bright Susane's smiles are. She even kissed the book! Notes: pictures taken in Vancouver in front of Science World.

Is it enough to make you excited about the book and pick it up right away? Hopefully it is for you because it is for me already. I don't just want to devour this book, I want to read the whole series too. Which girl doesn't want to learn more about boys, especially in such cute stories?

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pirate penguin said...

I completely agree with Susane! I love Ruby and all the funny predicaments she gets herself into :) I actually have the ARC with me too!

I USE word ag in real life. xD!