Saturday, 23 May 2009

My Big Nose And Other Natural Disasters by Sydney Salter

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pub. Date: April 2009
Age Range: 12
Pages: 352pp
Format: paperback
Source: from publisher - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

It’s the end of junior year, and summer is about to begin. The Summer of Passion, to be exact, when Jory Michaels plans to explore all the possibilities of the future--and, with any luck, score a boyfriend in the process. But Jory has a problem. A big problem. A curvy, honking, bumpy, problem in the form of her Super Schnozz, the one thing standing between Jory and happiness. And now, with the Summer of Passion stretched before her like an open road, she's determined for Super Schnozz to disappear. Jory takes a job delivering wedding cakes to save up for a nose job at the end of the summer; she even keeps a book filled with magazine cutouts of perfect noses to show the doctor. But nothing is ever easy for accident-prone Jory--and before she knows it, her Summer of Passion falls apart faster than the delivery van she crashes. In her hilarious and heartbreaking debut novel, Sydney Salter delivers a story about broadening your horizons, accepting yourself, and finding love right under your nose.

If I asked "who hates her own nose?" and you raised your hand, then this book will absolutely change your opinion.Told in a fun, realistic tone, My Big Nose & Other Natural Disasters is a compelling read both for body image issue and summer.

First of all, it has a lovely plot, though every typical. With many twists as well as predictable moments, the story will keep readers absorbed in it until the very last page. Jory's journey to discover self-adoration includes lots of ups and downs, sometimes at peace, sometimes full of drama. Mother-daughter conflict? Broken friendship? Shattered heart? Unexpected romance? You name it, you get it. Combined in a skillful way, these turn "I've seen it before" moments into "I've never seen it that way" ones. In addition, Sydney Salter's friendly and natural voice does a great job on making you feel like you're reading about people from real life, someone you know, not a product of imagination.

Jory oh Jory. How much I love this girl! She's so ordinary, one with almost nothing special (if being a total wrecker counts then she does) but to me, she's still the coolest. She's one of the a few character I've ever felt really connected to. Certainly Jory is crazy, clumsy, clueless, unpopular, she doesn't do really well in her study, she isn't that great with guys and she doesn't even know what she wants. But, her inner beauty make up for it all. She has such a pure heart; she's nice, caring and never tries to hurt or harm anyone. And no, she's not an angel or someone too good to be true; she's just nice, real nice.

Apart from Jory, other characters are significant, too, in one or another way. On the good side there're Jory's Mom and Gideon. They both annoyed me in some parts but all turn out to be really good, especially the guy. He was so unpredictable and fun; moreover, never afraid to appear bad or girly. The romance between the two was one of the things I loved the most from the book - and on and off kind that leaves you nothing but the crave for more. How about the evil side? So sad to say even when they "redeemed" in the end, I couldn't stop being pissed at Jory's friends. They're so selfish, mean and ignorant. A true friend wouldn't hurt you like that - acting all lovey dovey with your crush in front of you then insisting nothing happens between them. Ugh!

Above all, this book is a brilliant debut for Sydney Salter. It showed her talent in conveying a common teen issue into something light-hearted, close to heart but still thought-provoking. If you ask me what good it'd do you to read My Big Nose & Other Natural Disasters, I'd ensure you'd gain two things: an unconditional love for yourself, and a fictional bestfriend named Jory Michaels.

Rating: 4/5


Yan said...

I adore this book!

Annie. said...

I really should go hunt down some of these books you are reviewing...though some are actually not available in Australia....and like I said is definitely not the time to go shopping for stuff overseas >.<

Keep up the good work on this site sweetie! You're doing great!

debbie said...

it sounds great ! do u mind if i steal your book ?? haha

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